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Timber Floors are

A timber floor transforms a house into a home with its naturally warm vibe!

With distinctive wood grains and knots, our timber floors will give your home or office unique style.

Our Range

You’ll find beautiful hardwood timber flooring to suit your decor at our large flooring showroom in Cannonvale.

Add Value

Timber flooring gives an elegant and aesthetic look, and only seems to get better with age. While some types of floors look worn out after years of wear and tear, timber floors retain their character and value for several decades.

Long lasting

Even with heavy foot traffic, quality timber floors are tough, hard-wearing, and have long term durability. It is the most long-lasting of all flooring types, and is also water resistant. Timber floors actually look better as the years go by.

Eco Friendly

With the introduction of new timber harvesting methods, and regulations followed by tree cutters and controlled foresting practices, timber flooring is one of the most eco friendly flooring options available in the market.


``Quality and service that will floor you

Whether you’re renovating your home or overhauling your office, we’ll help you find the colour, texture and price to suit your needs.


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