Underlay Products - Fennels
provides improved underfoot comfort
provides acoustic and thermal insulation
reduces minor imperfections in the floor

At Fennell’s Floor Coverings, you’ll find various grades and qualities of Underlay products. We can provide suitable underlays to support and benefit your floorings performance in your home environment.

Our Range

Underlay for your carpet or timber flooring is vital to ensure you get the maximum life out your floor coverings. We sell and install quality underlay so you and your family get the underfoot comfort you deserve.

Luxurious Feel

Placing an underlay beneath your carpet will keep it looking plumper and feeling more luxurious for longer.

Prolonged Protection

Underlay forms a layer of protection between your carpet and the floor below it. This allows the carpet to spring back to its full height with ease after being walked on.

Save Money

Underlay absorbs cold and sound. This added insulation will keep your home warmer and save you money on heating bills.


``Quality and service that will floor you

Whether you’re renovating your home or overhauling your office, we’ll help you find the colour, texture and price to suit your needs.


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